Monday, July 17, 2017

Manga Summer 2017

There is so much great manga in the world and so little time to consume it! I do very well with summer  reading lists so once again im doing Manga Summer!

Here are the titles I will be catching up on:
Attack On Titan before The Fall
Assassination Classroom
A Silent Voice
Princess JellyFish
real Account 
and many more! Check this post for my progress.

Fan Quest: Star Wars Action Figure Variants

Summer is here and for many it's comic convention time! This summer Im on a quest! A #FanQuest ! I will be visitng local comic shops and vendor halls to complete my collection of action figure variant covers by John Tyler Christopher. I love these covers but I got into collecting them a little late. So that is my goal for the summer. Here are some examples of the covers I will be collecting.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Summer Chills

There is something special about reading or watching spooky things in the warmth of Summer! This year I'm going to dive into reading more Goosebumps books, and consuming these  movies and books: